Here’s a Video of Desiigner Rapping Before the Fame (and Ad-Libs)


For every, say, hundred trap rap videos and mortal sucker punches, there’s a genuinely thought provoking video lying around on WorldStarHipHop. And in today’s edition of WorldStar investigative journalism, here’s a video of a young Desiigner rapping.

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Usually this kind of stuff gives us a glimpse into an artist’s youth, a nascent period when they wore their influences on their sleeve and, more often than not, an LRG fitted on their dome (hey, who didn’t?). But what’s particularly interesting about this video is just how different Desiigner sounds compared to the “Panda” hitmaker we know today.

No git, git! ad-libs, no machine gun tongue rolls and certainly no gruff delivery that sounds like it came from about 750 miles south of his birthplace (obviously, puberty hit Desiigner’s vocal chords like a backpack of bricks). Just a young Brooklyn kid spitting bars like young Brooklyn kids do.

Clearly, Desiigner was a fan of this verse because it eventually became “Make It Out,” off his debut mixtape New English. Only on the studio version, his raw, hungry delivery contorts into a croaky, sinister song that sounds like his throat is being tortured with each line.

That’s not to say his original style was better, but it’s good to know that the kid being touted as the future of New York can rap like he’s from New York — when he wants to, anyway.

Watch the video below.

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