Read a New Excerpt From Lil Wayne’s Prison Memoir ‘Gone ‘Til November’


Next week Lil Wayne is releasing Gone ‘Til November, the journal he wrote while he spent eight months on Rikers Island in 2010 after being busted on gun charges, and it sounds like there’s some pretty crazy stuff in there. Like how Weezy found out Drake slept with his girl while he was locked up. And that time he officiated a same-sex marriage between two of his fellow inmates.

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In this new excerpt posted by Vulture, Wayne opens up about his first few days on Rikers (“As soon as I heard the cell door lock behind me, I just sat on the back wall and the tears began to flow”). However, it wasn’t all bad: he received a warm welcome from the rest of the inmates, and two female C.O.s were even suspended for “trying to come up and see” him.

Wayne also recalls being nervous performing in front of other inmates, almost getting into a fight on the yard and the time Diddy came to visit. Gone ‘Til November hits shelves on October 11 — pre-order here.

On his first night on Rikers:

As soon as I heard the cell door lock behind me, I just sat on the back wall and the tears began to flow as I took my first glimpse at my new digs: three buckets, one bed, one toilet that was surprisingly kind of clean (emphasis on kind of), a rusty-ass sink with a mirror the size of a small notepad, a desk, and a window. A clothesline was left hanging in the cell. I decided to leave it because I figured it would come in handy.

I wasn’t in the mood to do much socializing, so I kept the first-day meet and greet short. I guess not everybody on staff got the captain’s memo because two C.O.’s were suspended for trying to come up and see me … females of course. Maybe there will be some female groupies in the bitch after all.

On finding out Drake slept with his girl:

I woke up still feeling fucked up about the fucked-up day that I had. Hell is what it was! I’m used to arguing with my girl on a daily basis, but finding out that she fucked Drake was the absolute worst thing I could’ve found out.

As a man, honestly, that shit hurt, and not because it was Drake. It could’ve been any man and it would’ve hurt the same. She said it happened way before we got together, but she just never told me. When Drizzy came to see me, he was like, “Yeah it’s true … don’t fuck with her like that ’cause I did fuck her.” Damn!

On Diddy’s visit:

I woke up feeling like today was going to be different for some reason. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there seemed to be a buzz in the building. I had my morning coffee like usual and chilled in the dayroom waiting on my visit. And what a great visit it was. Diddy kept his word and visited me today. It was total chaos! Every captain in the building was down there! Even the deps and the warden! Everyone just wanted to see him. It was kind of aggravating, but it is what it is.

On almost getting into a fight:

I got into an argument on the yard and went straight gorilla. I was as un–Lil Wayne as I could get. I was in a nigga face like, Fuck you, nigga, what’s good? Niggas had to hold me back and shit. That’s when this dude was like, “You go home to something nobody else in here goes home to … dude, leave that nigga alone. He’ll be back in this bitch next month. You don’t want to be back in this bitch, man. Don’t act that way. Go home, bro. You’re a millionaire. You’re a superstar. So act like one.” I couldn’t argue with that shit … damn … and yeah!

On rapping for other inmates:

I rapped for the first time on the yard for Charlie and Jamaica. It’s crazy that I’ve performed in front of millions of people since I was 8 years old, but for some reason I was nervous as hell. Rapping has always been second nature to me, but my creativity has definitely been put to a test since being in this bitch. I absolutely refuse to rap about being in jail. It’s not who I am AND it’s not who I’m going to be! I hope they liked it. I think they did.

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