J.K. The Reaper x Denzel Curry „Dressed 2 Kill“ (WSHH Exclusive – Official Audio)

Listen to the official audio of „Dressed 2 Kill“ by J.K. The Reaper x Denzel Curry.

„After recording this song over 3-4 times & 7 or 8 different mixes I can finally deliver this single to you guys. This song means alot to me, being that at the time I had never met Kaytranada, but loved his sound which is the direction I want to take my music. Kaytranada had a show with ASAP Rocky in Miami during Art Basel 2015 & brought out Denzel Curry to perform a few songs. I was invited by Denzel to perform an unreleased version of „Dressed 2 Kill“ not even knowing if Kaytranada had even heard it, let alone liked it. During my performance of the unreleased record, I look over & see Denzel on my left, as expected, I look over to my right and see Kaytranada who had came from behind the DJ Booth to vibe out to the song with us. At that moment I know this song had to be heard by you guys…. Thank you so much“

– Sincerely yours, Le‘ Reaper.

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