The Flaming Lips Take their Antics to New York

Psych-rockers and Rolling Stone take you behind-the-scenes and on the road.

The Flaming Lips visited New York recently for a special 75th anniversary party for Ray-Ban, and Rolling Stone tagged along for the day. In this clip, the psych-rockers chill out at the Dream Hotel before their show at the Darby, and Wayne Coyne shares the story of how he almost lost his leg. He also tells about the time TSA found a gold grenade in his bag and dives into the satchel to explore his array of goodies. „I woke up, boringly, like I do automatically at about 8 o’clock, and then go into my usual panic about my life, like, ‚Oh my God, what have I done? I’ve wasted my life,'“ adds Coyne of his morning routine.
It all culminates in a colorful, rowdy show with extra confetti and bubbles. „We are always looking for the next thing, the next exciting moment,“ says Coyne. „Whereas I don’t think we’ve ever considered that what we do is really all that good. But we like it.“

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